Making it Affordable

Hearing aids seem expensive but there are a few perspectives that should be considered.

First, hearing aids should last 5+ years but are not repairable by most manufacturers cost effectively or at all after that. Your daily cost will be about a toonie per ear per day for the lifetime of your devices.

Secondly, why are you investing this money? You're maintaining your nerve function as best you can through consistent nerve stimulation. Your ability to understand well regardless of what happens to your hearing levels is priceless.

Thirdly, what you spend out of pocket is a tax benefit. You can write off some of your investment as a medical expense on income tax.

Most importantly, we unbundle. This means we charge cost of hearing aids plus a nominal fitting fee rather than a lump sum of both mixed together. This brings the cost of hearing aids down.

We also have financing. Click the MediCard logo image below to find out more and apply.

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