Tinnitus Treatment

This graph shows the amount of tinnitus intensity decrease we have achieved with our patients in 2017. With normal patient-to-patient variability, we have seen 2 to 14 dB decreases in tinnitus with an average of 7 dB reduction which is significant.

We provide Tinnitus Care with a variety of options.

1. Consultation

Our testing begins with a relaxing consultation that is free. We will listen. Really listen. And really hear you. We will offer preliminary information and resources to help you understand your condition, consider your options and then you can decide if and when to start with the testing.

2. The Test

We run unique set of subjective and objective tests. Let’s get all the information we need before we consider treatment.

3. Treatment

Our treatment is retraining-based habituation therapy you can read more about in this section of the website. We offer other inter-professional team-based treatments based on your particular condition and need.

4. Follow up

We will stay in touch and make sure that you’re ok long-term. We don’t just want to run our patients through the mill. We care.

Here are some resources to learn more about our Tinnitus Treatment.

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