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We have our own kids and we love to partner with families and help kids and teens celebrate sound! Children in BC are often identified with hearing loss during the infant screening programs in public health, and then seen in public health by Audiologists who test and fit hearing aids until they are toddlers/young kids. After that parents have to come up with the funds to maintain hearing aids, accessories, molds and more.

At Ossicle, we believe all children should have accessibility to sound because they need it for hearing development and will provide product at rates comparabe to public health fee structures with some accessories at lower prices because we are one of the few Roger Certified provider in BC outside of Vancouver/Mainland.

We are also the only soundfield system provider for school amplification systems and will work with Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing directly to help your child succeed at school. We help find funding, support and solutions no matter where you and your child are at.

Roger is the technology kids often need to make their hearing aids work optimally in noise, educational/learning environments and to optimize auditory processing ability. Ask us how we can help your child with their existing hearing aids, new technology, a second opinion, accessories, Roger and more.

Here’s a great video for parents. Carol Flexer is a well-known Audiologist who is passionate about auditory learning and effects of hearing loss and untreated hearing loss.

The journey for parents is sometimes challenging and full of unknowns. The mom of one of our paediatric patients wrote a blog we would like to share. This is an unedited blog and the views of the mom are not solicited or influenced in any way. We asked her to write a summary of her journey without prompts and her resulting summary of dealing with hearing loss for years may help other parents. Read the blog by clicking here.

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