How Noisy is your Summer?

a picture of an egg slightly cracked along the top wearing headphones with sound waves emanating from the headphones.

We protect our children's eyes, skin and their heads. Are we protecting their ears? From yard tools to outdoor concerts, it's louder than you think out there!

Did you know that there are many summertime activities that can cause permanent and lifelong hearing damage?

Outdoor concerts: The recommended decibel level of an outdoor concert is 85dB, but frequently is measured well above 100dB.

a picture of a crowd at an outdoor concert with blue sky and green grass

Boating and motorcycles: It's not the engine, it's the wind. Wind noise levels in excess of 103dB are common when you're out on the water or on the road.

Lawn equipment: A nice lawn shouldn't cost you your hearing. Most yard equipment noise measures between 80dB and 105dB.

Parades: Did this one surprise you? Marching bands, sirens and revving engines can reach damage-inducing decibel levels before you realize it.

MP3 players: A year-round issue, playing your music loudly can cause permanent damage.

The solution to many of these situations is simple and inexpensive: ear plugs. Summer is the perfect time to come in, learn all about us and how to protect your hearing. We'll even throw in a free pair of ear plugs!

Hearing for all!

With up to 15% of children between the ages of 6-19 experiencing measurable hearing loss in at least one ear, learning how to protect your family's hearing is important. The world is full of beautiful sounds.

Let’s make sure you continue to hear them.

Occupational noise and hearing conservation standards stipulate that you can be exposed to about 80 dB for 8 hours, and 83-85 dB for 4 hours, and the more you go up, the less time you can be exposed. A 110dB power tool allows for exposure time of only approximately 7.5 minutes before permanent long-term hearing damage can occur. 

What We Do:

Adult and pediatric hearing evaluations

Hearing aid distribution and maintenance

Classroom FM/Roger systems

Collaboration with school professionals on classroom hearing accommodations

Custom molds for swimming and MP3 ear buds for safe listening earplugs

Collaboration with Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and GP

Hearing education for a variety of environments: classroom, industrial, etc.

Family-centered, encouraging and judgement-free environment

Meet us, learn about just how loud 85dB actually is, get some free ear plugs and have your child's hearing checked before school starts. We look forward to seeing you!

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