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Hearing Tests are pretty standard: respond to beeps, repeat some words, and have a pressure test. In our opinion, this does not, however, really constitute a complete hearing assessment. We look at more of your ear, hearing, retro-cochlear, and processing function in a number of testing options that are evidence based . Your Audiologist will go over with you all testing, treatment and technology options at your free initial consultation. We believe that all hearing tests are not created equal, and testing is a big part of what we do at Ossicle. There are two main categories of tests; we do every conventional test (“tymps" for ear drum mobility testing, tones for establishing hearing levels, words in quiet to screen nerve function) and additional tests that assess the nerves, cochlea, retrocochlea, processing and physiology including eustachian tube function that give us results to coach you better, develop better treatment plans and resolve your challenges more effectively with more tailored technology solutions unique to Ossicle.

image of the ear, hearing apparatus and brain in conductive, sensorineural and central sections

Medical Tests

Medical tests include the assessment of the auditory nerve and how we process sound, not just how you hear. Do you have challenges in noise, have been told you don’t have a hearing change, and want options? Our tests can give you that. We can assess your Eustacian tube, nerve function, tinnitus and auditory processing in great depth. If there’s a medical concern, our tests therefore give your Doctor detailed, in-depth information. We also specialize in Sudden Hearing Loss, Unilateral Hearing Losses, Oncology testing for baseline and follow up to chemo/radiation treatment and hearing losses with unique configurations and etiologies (causes). We also specialize in hard-to-fit cases and not just hearing correction with hearing aids, but auditory training, therapy and specializes in improved hearing and understanding in diffficult (noisy/distracting) listening environments with special hearing aid attachments with special certification.

Pediatric Tests

We are child friendly from our testing, through counselling kids and families and care givers, to working with organizations throughout the Okanagan, and on to technology options with school integrations and support. Markus Hilbert, Au.D., has pediatric clinical experience and he has 3 kids of his own and Janelle Balkwill also has experience working with kids. We make kids feel comfortable and special at Ossicle, it will be a great step in their journey to better hearing. Tests include peripheral hearing tests, physiological assessments for cases of ear infections or equalization issues, and auditory processing tests. We offer assessments for the child and their support network that then also translates into customized counselling for families of children with hearing loss (psychosocial aspects of hearing loss, coping strategies, educational considerations, resource management, and more). We have special equipment to assess hearing ability at all ages from newborns up. Our clinic has invested heavily into state of the art equipment to provide best paediatric care. If you are a parent of a hard of hearing child, and have any questions about what we do and how we do it, book a free consult with Janelle to learn more and get the tour.

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