Workplace Accommodation Reports

picture of a woman working at a desk in an open room with others working around her but blurry representing the noise in the room and her need to focus

Hearing loss affects all of us, especially in social environments and the workplace. If you have a hearing change and are having difficulty with your work environment, we offer workplace accommodation studies.

Even people who have no or a mild hearing change can encounter significant productivity challenges when working in a noisy workplace, which does not mean it has to be loud, just lots of distractive sounds, multiple people talking, difficulty hearing clearly across the room in meetings, or challenges in client lunches or dinners. We have solutions for any sound management or hearing needs.

We determine the nature of your hearing-in-noise needs with extended testing to augment your current tone audiograms and visit your workplace, determine the acoustic challenges and determine opportunities to improve your ability to hear well at work. We provide a report to you/or your employer and help you make the most of your situation with specific recommendations.

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