Second Opinions

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Hearing loss can have a variety of effects on your life and the life of your family and social sphere. Admitting to hearing loss may take years and finally having a hearing test and finding out you need hearing aids can be a bit overwhelming.

I am Dr. Markus Hilbert, Au.D., a Doctor of Audiology, and provide opinions and assessment of your situation to you and your family. For example you may have a hearing test and a hearing aid recommendation from another tech, practitioner or Audiologist, and then I will put this into perspective, and I will give you a free unbiased and independent opinion so you can be confident in how you proceed.

You may simply have questions about your test or even have hearing aids you have questions about. Whether for yourself, your child, parent, spouse or friend, I am available to provide medically based opinions that allow you to make better informed decisions about hearing health, whether you choose to have treament from me or not.

Why free?

I have found over the years that there is a huge pressure to sell hearing aids to people with hearing loss. Most of the time, I have found that the patient doesn’t fully understand their condition properly and is not making fully informed choices for the right reasons. I am passionate about my profession and want patients to be fully informed, not pressured, and able to make not only the right but the best choice for their hearing health.

If you choose to use my services to obtain hearing aids or other forms of rehabilitation, I’ll be delighted to work with you. If not, at least I’ve hopefully helped you find the right coverage, provider or product to meet your needs and always appreciate your referrals.

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