What is EarScript?

The unbiased recommendation of a regulated audiologist or hearing health care professional is the cornerstone of adequate correction for hearing loss. Hearing loss not only decreases one’s ability to hear but has been shown to contribute to cognitive decline and, as such, merits a timely correction. While there are several options to correct various types of hearing loss, hearing aids remain the most frequently prescribed treatment. However, where should one purchase hearing aids which will be effective and not end up in the dresser drawer?

There are certainly many hearing clinics dispensing hearing aids. Even big-box stores have started opening outlets. You may have also noticed the increasing number of advertisements for hearing aids. It should not come as a surprise that hearing aid manufacturers have entered the retail segment in Ontario by purchasing and developing clinics which were once owned almost exclusively by clinicians. Where ads were once confined to the local newspaper and telephone directory, large advertising campaigns including television and radio ads are becoming the norm. Some will suggest that smaller devices are better, while some will propose better technology. In reality, each person’s requirements, budget, and the physical aspects of their ears are markedly different. Not surprisingly many patients will report that they ended up buying hearing aids which were different than those they had initially sought out to obtain, solely on the recommendation of the dispensing professional. How, then, do patients seeking quality care cut through the advertising clutter and take control of obtaining hearing devices which are best for their individual needs?

To address these concerns, an Ottawa-based team of researchers have developed EarScript, the world’s first software-based hearing aid appraisal device. Distributed globally by Clearwater Clinical Ltd, EarScript permits patients to hear and compare various makes and models of hearing aids specifically for their level of hearing loss. The sound quality of each hearing aid can be appraised in a variety of listening situations which are as simple or complex as those encountered by the patient. With EarScript patients have more confidence in moving ahead with correction knowing that they have chosen the hearing aids which best meets their requirements and budget.

EarScript is a software application initially conceived & primarily developed by Dr. Andre Marcoux who states: “Given the importance of treatment of hearing loss and the significant expense which hearing aids represent for most clients, it is important for patients to confirm, along with their hearing professional, that hearing aids will meet their particular requirements. EarScript permits clients to make more informed and more accurate choices with regards to their individual hearing healthcare in a stress-free environment.”

Although available across Canada, EarScript is licensed exclusively to clinics which provide an unbiased and superior level of hearing healthcare. For more information, or to find a licensed hearing health care centre in your area, visit EarScript's website at www.earscript.com.

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