Introducing EarScript

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All Hearing Aids are Not Created Equal

Hearing aids are not like t-shirts or toothpaste – you can’t just switch one brand for another and expect the same results. Some hearing aids work significantly better than others, especially in more challenging listening environments such as a busy office or a restaurant.

Until recently, selecting the right hearing aid mostly involved a professional recommendation from your audiologist. While this recommendation is of utmost value, you have a wide selection of models to choose from. As such, it is of great value to confirm what is best for you.

EarScript was designed to achieve three important health outcomes:

Increase the likelihood of wearing your hearing aids and obtaining benefit;

Improve overall satisfaction and decrease number of follow-up appointments; and

Prevent buyer’s remorse by preventing unnecessarily expensive purchases.

If you experience hearing loss, finding and wearing the right hearing aid is incredibly important. An adequate correction of hearing loss will not only improve your ability to hear and actively participate in life, but will maintain your overall hearing health.

How EarScript Helps

EarScript provides us with a powerful tool that allows you to compare different types of hearing aids and measure how they sound in different hearing environments. As a patient, this provides you with accurate and objective information about what hearing aid you should choose. Bentley Hearing Services is proud to carry EarScript, giving you access to an important tool for making the right decision for your hearing health.

iPad-Based Application Means it's Completely Portable

EarScript was designed with convenience and portability in mind. The result is a robust application conceived for a lightweight tablet platform. And because the application is on an iPad, we always have access to it.

Evaluate Hearing Aids from Several Manufacturers

EarScript evaluates hearing aids from several leading manufacturers. Sound profiles were developed in consultation with manufacturers to ensure 100% accuracy. Updates are added on an ongoing basis as new products are released.

Pre-Loaded Audio Files for a Variety of Environments

EarScript allows you to listen to how the hearing aid will work with your hearing loss and for a variety of settings, including: listening to music, regular conversation, as well as conversation in a crowd or restaurant. As a result, you can find out quickly which hearing aid suits your lifestyle.

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