Auditory Training

This aspect of audiological care is often overlooked by conventional clinics. You can access our Rehab Services to hear better in noise and have better success with your hearing aids. This is proven by research and backed by evidence.

Hearing rehab is physiotherapy for the ears. Just as new running shoes don't make you a runner, hearing aids alone often do not resolve all of your challenges such as hearing and understanding well in noisy places.

We provide rehabilitation for hearing, providing you with proven tactics and strategies to improve your experience with amplification whether you were fit here or elsewhere.

Even if you have hearing aids already, you can access our Rehab services to get more benefit and value from your existing set. It is inexpensive, takes 20 minutes a day and you will reap the rewards of better audition in challenging sound environments. Some of our rehab you can even do on your web-enabled phone, tablet or iPad or any browser anywhere.

Think of us as your hearing coach so you can get the most out of life and your hearing aid investment. Here are 2 examples of programs we can tailor to your needs.


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Customized learning: Exercises for Aural Rehabilitation (clEAR)

Listening and hearing are not the same thing. You can hear someone talking but in order to understand what the person is saying, you have to engage your brain and attend to and interpret the words. clEAR auditory brain training provides listening therapy by means of games that are fun to play so you can learn to listen! clEAR auditory training was developed by scientists at Washington University in St. Louis and is designed to exercise and develop your listening skills. By playing clEAR’s computerized games, you’ll learn to recognize speech with greater success and with less effort. Whether you are a new hearing aid user, have trouble hearing in noise or hearing certain people’s voices, or have a child with auditory processing difficulty there is a program for you! As a certified clEAR provider, we will help coach and support you every step of the way.

The Objectives of Auditory Brain Training with clEAR

Exercise your abilities to recognize speech of your frequent communication partner (FCP) as well as everyday talkers.

Exercise your brain and those important thinking skills that stave off cognitive decline and dementia.

Increase your participation in social situations by being an active participant in conversations.

Reduce your stress levels during routine family conversations.

Enhance your abilities to recognize speech in noisy situations.

Practice your listening skills in a non-judgmental environment.

Complement your existing hearing technology.

You may or may not have a hearing loss, but you want to communicate more easily with people who are important to you in both quiet and noisy situations. You also want to listen to the television and radio more easily. You’ve come to the right website. Missing out on conversations and your programs can be a thing of the past with clEAR auditory brain training games.

clEAR will train your ability to recognize speech, both in quiet and in the presence of noise. Importantly, clEAR will also train your brain and exercise those cognitive skills that are important for understanding speech, skills such as word memory and attention.

You won’t be training alone. Your local professional Hearing Healthcare Professional or our Online clEAR Audiologist will give you support throughout your subscription.

With clEAR, you can customize your auditory brain training. You can use either the generic voices that are stored in the games or you can record the voices of people who are important to you, such as your partner or your children.

From the boardroom table to the dining room table, practice your listening skills to become more engaged in conversation today.

Practice listening to the voice or voices that are most important to you! With clEAR's easy recording system, the people who are important to you can record words and sentences directly into clEAR games. You then play the games and learn to better understand their speech. Your hearing healthcare professional can help you make the recordings. You will also have the option of choosing to train with "generic" voices that are stored on the clEAR website, giving you the ability to train with the voices of males, females, children, or a combination of all three. You will also have a training schedule designed for your specific needs.

The clEAR games are the result of decade of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research at Washington University in St. Louis. The clEAR scientists incorporated principles of cognitive psychology, second language learning, and game design into the program's format. Published research shows that people who use clEAR improve their speech recognition, would participate in clEAR again, and would recommend clEAR to a friend.

clEAR provides an inexpensive way to enhance how well you understand speech in your everyday conversations whether or not you use a hearing aid or cochlear implant. One low price pays for a three-month clEAR subscription. After that, you can choose to renew monthly. The good news is that our Washington University in St. Louis research shows that most people see noticeable improvement in comfortable conversations within the first three months.


This is a program that requires 20 minutes of your time on a computer/headphones or browser/headphones on any device to exercise your brain and retrain how you hear so you get optimal hearing in noise as the outcome. This inexpensive way of getting the most out of your hearing aid investment is evidence based and worth it - you can get LACE here even if you didn't get your hearing aids here.

Acoustic Pioneer

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Several studies indicate significant correlations between poor dichotic performance and other learning and reading difficulties. This auditory training treatment is designed for children and is strongly supported by research.

Dichotic skills are required to distinguish a different sound in each ear at the same time. This skill requires functional pathways to each cortical hemisphere of the brain and the communicating pathway between each hemisphere (auditory portion of the corpus collosum). These pathways and skills are required for a number of other audiological abilities such as focused attention, alternating focus to different sounds from either side of the listener, following a speaker in competing noise (e.g., classrooms). Difficulties here can lead to symptoms such as distractibility in a classroom, difficulty understanding lessons when another sound is present, under-utilization of other auditory skills which aid in following the teacher in an educational setting, which in turn can have significant impacts on learning and can also affect reading and language development.

Tonal Pattern Memory has been shown in many studies over the years to be a strong auditory processing area correlating to reading abilities. Widely accepted research indicates that these skills are building blocks for learning to read. It is widely accepted that phonemic awareness is vital for strong reading performance. Some studies have evidence that indicates tonal pattern memory skills are related to phonemic awareness, and although it hasn't been determined how exactly they relate, they should both be assessed and (if required) improved to give the child the best tools available to progress with their literacy.

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