Go Canada!

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If you’re living in the US, we welcome you to the Okanagan to experience hearing care the way we think it was intended: comprehensive and above industry standard testing, more treatment options and time spent with luxury care with best hearing aid and accessory technology, while paying less. So why not make it a vacation?

Consider an example: You can get a mid-range hearing aid inthe US for about $2200 USD or more. Let’s go low. So a set will run you $4200 USD. But here at Ossicle, we unbundle the cost of the devices from the service fees, making it less expensive, so that’s about $900 CDN per aid = $1800 CDN plus $500 CDN per side fitting fee = $2800 CDN. So a set will run you about $2100 USD. So by spending $2100 for the set with the exchange rather than $4200 USD you save $2100 USD.

You get a highly qualified Clinical Audiologist in Kelowna, "Canada’s Hawaii", providing more tests and options than you’d likely get in the US, at a destination clinic that also offers tinnitus treatment, sound therapy and auditory training to mention a few perks.

Welcome to the Ossicle Spa Experience.

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Kelowna is the place for fun and culture, including water sports, golfing, hiking, biking, skiing, fine dining, fine entertainment, world class vineyards and so much more. It is Canada’s vacation destination. Get to know Canada’s finest in the Okanagan Valley with the International Airport connected to most US Centres. If you make a vacation out of your hearing solution experience, you won’t regret it and save thousands with the exchange and our pricing structure.

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