The award-winning Earobics software provides individualized, explicit instruction in all areas of reading, plus writing. As students engage with the software, the program automatically adjusts based on each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses. All instruction builds on the strengths of each learner, and easy-to-read reports help teachers use real-time data to drive tailored instruction. Every response is recorded and available in detailed reports that can be printed or accessed online. Teachers can also customize the program to meet students’ learning needs, including selecting directions to be delivered in one of 10 different languages.

Earobics is a powerful multisensory reading intervention solution for raising academic achievement and empowering school districts, principals and teachers to strengthen and rejuvenate their reading curriculums to meet the needs of diverse student populations. It enables the teacher to take a different approach to critical learning objectives — and ignite a spark in children who are most in need — that builds confidence for years to come.

Through the use of interactive instruction, students can develop their skills, engage with lively instructional characters, and advance as they are ready to advance. All instruction is supported by a blend of multimedia materials and student-guided activities that extend the computer experience to the classroom curriculum.

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