Auditory Processing Deficit Assessments

Doctor of Audiology Markus Hilbert provides standardized tests for APD for kids meeting the following criteria.

Here are some resources for further reading:

Children must be seven years of age and older, have normal hearing in both ears (tested within 6 months of the APD assessment), speak and understand English with a psychological cognitive assessment within the past three years with results comparable to WISC-IV full scale score of 80+. Children cannot present with a cognitive challenge such as Autism. Ears must be clear of wax or any blockage such as middle ear fluid.

If your child requires a psychology assessment we can have that arranged locally.

The cost is $450 for the assessment with a full report including recommendations.

Parents please complete this form prior to the initial consultation.

psychological services are covered by most extended health care benefits through the family's place of employment (eg. Blue Cross, Great West).

APD Contact Form

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