Our Story

Ossicle is the result of a desire to change the hearing care industry by two passionate individuals. Together, with a team of enthusiastic colleagues, we decided to change the world rather than complain about it.

For more than 20 years, Markus Hilbert - Doctor of Audiology, has worked in the hearing care industry. He envisions a different way to do hearing care and has spoken at industry conventions and online training courses about it. The evolution of hearing care is his passion.

Rachel Mraz is a hard working, business development professional. Together, the opportunity arose to put their skills, passions and experience together, and are working to create a unique hearing care experience.

image of Markus and Rachel

For Rachel and Markus and their whole team, this is about overcoming the odds, having passion for celebrating sound not fixing deficiencies, it is about positive change, where thinking is done outside the box. Rachel and Markus put their money where their mouth is, and reimagined the hearing restoration experience.

We are a new standard in hearing care. We are one of the only diagnostic facilities in western Canada and can even offer some testing that public health no longer offers. We have comprehensive treatment and technology solutions to diagnose and rehabilitate auditory conditions for all ages.

We offer everything our competition offers with more in depth testing treatment and technology in a much more accessible and affordable way allowing for more in-depth diagnostics for more than hearing change by approaching auditory issues differently, and doing so for all ages and reducing the cost of hearing health care and hearing aids when needed.

We give back in micro and macro scenarios ranging from free Palliative care products and services to supporting community networking events with Roger systems and various fundraisers for different causes.

Ossicle started as a dream of what modern hearing care could look like. Markus Hilbert, Doctor of Audiology, has worked widely and presented internationally for years on a new vision of hearing care that was a solution to status quo problems of basic hearing care. In an attempt to be that solution and create something new and better for patients, Rachel Mraz devoted herself to the business models practical needs and together they first fell in love, blended a family, started a business and got married! Together they defied the old not by criticism but by building a better alternative.

image of a stork trying to eat a frog that is simultaneously strangling the neck of the stork so it does not eat it. the ultimate image of putting up a fight!

Ossicle represents the frog choking the stork trying to eat it. Without industry experience and equipped with a plethora of sales and marketing experience Rachel took the full risk of this vision when industry experts predicted inevitable failure. As a woman swimming against the stream in a male dominated business world she was able to develop a strong and successful business that has gained widespread recognition from virtually nothing in less than two years in one of Canada’s most saturated markets. Why? By, for example, taking less profit and not over charging for hearing aids she is making it affordable and accessible reducing public health wait lists and offering something the established industry has been unable to do for decades.

The Ossicle recipe for hearing care is protected and unique. We intend to expand nationally with our Kelowna flagship clinic at the helm of new innovations and developments. We believe that the traditional hearing care model is limited and although great professionals serve great results to great patients, it is not able to withstand new technology and market trends we are confident will force change and the Ossicle model will work today and will work in the future whatever challenges and opportunities it brings.

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