Our Story

The Long and Winding Road – The Ossicle Story

Ossicle is the result of a desire to change the hearing care industry by two passionate individuals.  Together, with a team of enthusiastic colleagues, we decided to change the world rather than complain about it.

For more than 20 years, Markus Hilbert - Doctor of Audiology, has worked in the hearing care industry.  The industry that is defined by free hearing tests/ services, expensive hearing aids and very little in terms of treatment for hearing-related conditions (including tinnitus, auditory processing challenges, and hearing in noise problems even with normal hearing ability). He tried over and over with various clinics to change how we express transparency.  Everything from protocols to pricing, engage a full scope of practice rather than offer limited services, and provide treatment planning and patient care management – most of which is not done at all by the traditional hearing care model.

When he met Rachel Mraz, love was in the air. They met while he was contracted to effect positive change in a hearing care provider that simply didn’t grasp the need for changing the status quo.  She was working as a sales professional - and had done so as top sales person in every role she has had from retail to fine art and more. Together, the opportunity arose to put their skills, passions and experience together.

At Ossicle Rachel is the Owner, Managing Director, Customer Service Designer and Sales Associate Extraordinaire.   Markus’ role is the Clinical Director, the Doctor of Audiology, developing unique protocols to deliver high-end affordable and accessible hearing testing, treatment and technology options that are outside the box of what is commonly considered a hearing clinic.  With Rachel at the helm, joined by Markus and his infinite passion and wisdom to provide unmatched patient care, Ossicle was born.

Those familiar with the industry told them over and over that their business model would fail, that it was too different to take root, that being transparent with care options and pricing would offend other providers in the industry as it exposes the shortcomings of the usual business model, but they did succeed, the model took root, and the transparency is a welcome change to the patients at large while offending those providers still desperately holding on to the way things were.

Patients at Ossicle simply get more personal time, an interactive experience, more comprehensive assessment and treatment options and unique and better hearing aid technologies than from clinics using the old model of hearing care, and that’s what makes the Ossicle model unique because its just not usually done like that.

For Rachel and Markus and their whole team, this is about overcoming the odds, having passion for celebrating sound not fixing deficiencies, it is about positive change to rattle the establishment, where good enough just isn’t, and where thinking is done outside the box. Rachel and Markus put their money where their mouth is, and reimagined the hearing restoration experience and are improving the outcomes for those who love hearing and want an alternative care experience.

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