Our Story

The Long and Winding Road – The Ossicle Story

Ossicle is the result of a desire to change the hearing care industry by two passionate individuals. Together, with a team of enthusiastic colleagues, we decided to change the world rather than complain about it.

For more than 20 years, Markus Hilbert - Doctor of Audiology, has worked in the hearing care industry. He envisions a different way to do hearing care and has spoken at industry conventions and online training courses about it. The evolution of hearing care is his passion.

Rachel Mraz is a hard working, business development professional. Together, the opportunity arose to put their skills, passions and experience together, and are working to create a unique hearing care experience.

For Rachel and Markus and their whole team, this is about overcoming the odds, having passion for celebrating sound not fixing deficiencies, it is about positive change, where thinking is done outside the box. Rachel and Markus put their money where their mouth is, and reimagined the hearing restoration experience.

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