William & Associates Consultant Services

Bill & SJ Kelowna

Bill and Susannah-Joy have been helping people to find solutions to life's challenges for over 30 years.

They provide our Tinnitus care program a valuable asset in their trauma-focused counselling service that coupled with craniosacral therapy helps reduce the impact of an over-active fight-and-flight response that is core to the issue of bothersome tinnitus.

Counselling, coaching, and assessments are provided with the highest regard for clients' privacy and safety. The goal is always to help people by accurately assessing the challenges which impact quality of life and then collaborating in developing solutions that work.

Whether in their office, online, in a group, through workshops, or community involvement, Bill and Susannah-Joy are passionately committed to help others Live Stronger, Work Wiser, & Love Deeper.


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