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Who are the people behind the new Ossicle Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Centre?

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RACHEL MRAZ - Managing Director, Owner - Ossicle Hearing Inc.

Rachel Mraz

Rachel is the proud Owner and Managing Director of Ossicle Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Centre. With a plethora of leadership and customer service experience she is committed to making your experience at Ossicle the best hearing clinic experience you’ve ever had, anywhere. Hearing health is very important to us here at Ossicle. Good hearing allows us to connect with the world and most importantly with each other. It affects how we learn, live and grow. As a proud momma of 3, I understand how important it is to experience sound - and all the wonders life has to offer. We love hearing and know you will too!

Rachel’s favourite sound: the sweet whisper of my little one telling me she loves me!

"Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see improved or enhanced, changed or addressed by filling out this form that comes to me directly and confidentially. Welcome and may we serve you beyond your expectations!"

MARKUS HILBERT, Au.D. - Doctor of Audiology

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Let’s introduce our Doctor of Audiology! Markus’ purpose is to continue providing personable and professional hearing care for all ages. He is passionate about helping people celebrate hearing and get the most our of their experiences. He is the engineer of Ossicle’s innovative approach to hearing care because he believes patients deserve a comprehensive experience that goes above and beyond.

Markus Hilbert, Au.D. studied at the University of Alberta, Portland State University and Salus University. He has been in private practice in Calgary after gaining some experience after graduating from his Masters Program. He has also worked with Alberta Health Services, set up clinics in India and Africa and continues to seek ways to improve the practice of Audiology. He has been an industry leader in education, professional training, practice management, patient care program development, online marketing, consumer advocacy and clinical program development. Markus Hilbert, Au.D. has worked to assist many clinics across Canada, the US and Australia with a number of customized Audiology services for clinics and has lent his experience to a number of venues to address patient care standards, protocols, and services. He now has adjusted his career to provide a new, cutting edge audiology offering for all ages with specialized services in Kelowna. By providing more testing, treatment and technology solutions Ossicle can provide evidence-based care with proven results over a successful career - experience that benefits you.

I am a family man with 3 kids and loving life in the Okanagan. I have been in the industry since I was 16 when my mom started as a tech in the industry. I now wear hearing aids as well, and have been using them since 2000 – so I understand the frustrations of untreated hearing loss, the challenges of restoring hearing and the pros and cons of using hearing aids on a daily basis. Empathy goes a long way. “ Markus Hilbert says it like it is, not fluff, no nonsense. "I have refined a unique and proven counseling and fitting strategy that simply works. No gimmicks, just the straight goods.”

Markus’ favourite sound: my children laughing!

JANELLE BALKWILL, B.A., M.Cl.Sc. - Clinical Audiologist

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Janelle has a passion for helping others - especially where hearing is concerned. She loves getting to know her patients and making them feel comfortable and well cared for. Outside of work, Janelle likes to play volleyball, golf and spend time with her friends and family in the beautiful Okanagan. She moved here from Ontario and never looked back! Her empathetic and friendly nature will put you at ease and make you feel at home here at Ossicle! She is excited to provide you with compassionate and professional Audiologic care through your hearing journey. Janelle is a Clinical Audiologist who graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2014 and has worked in several clinical settings before joining us at Ossicle. Her emphasis is on diagnostic testing, pediatric testing and treatment including Auditory Processing Disorder, assessments of adults and children, hearing device and Roger fittings and so much more. The Ossicle diagnostic and treatment model is growing with her expertiese and experience expanding our care paradigm.

Janelle’s favourite sound: her cat, Smudgie, purring and the waves!

JENNIFER KASPER - Office Administrator, CEA (Certified Educational Assistant)

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Jennifer is the Office Administrator for the Hearing and Tinnitus Centre. Jenn is passionate and energetic who is committed to providing an excellent patient experience. Originally from Chilliwack, Jenn, her son Parker and partner Graeme moved to the Okanagan. They are always adventuring and spending time outdoors exploring! They enjoy going for walks and playing baseball. On the weekends, you will find Jenn hiking and camping; and if it is raining, binge watching her favourite Netflix series!

Jennifer’s favourite sound: a baseball hitting her son’s bat!

MEGAN METCALF - Patient Care Coordinator

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Megan has been with the Ossicle family since August 2017. She is the warm face waiting to welcome you, our patients, into Ossicle Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Centre. You will find her personable and caring nature comforting as you enter the clinic. Even though she is still quite new to the Ossicle family, she has over 14 years of customer service and administrative experience making her an invaluable asset to our team. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Abbey, her family and her friends.

Megan’s favourite sound: the voice of a loved one!

SEAN CLARE - Roger Specialist and Patient Advocate

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Sean Clare is the new head of our Roger for Education department and is part of our Clinic Development team. Sean brings a variety of management and sales skills with a dynamic background across industries and non-profit environments to Ossicle. He has lived in the Okanagan all his life and is passionate about Roger and Universal Access and Design and getting the message out about the clinic care delivery model. He manages quality control and manages patient follow up and acts as our in-house patient advocate and Quality Control. He devotes an enormous amount of time to the clinic with educating, promoting and advocacy for hearing in the educational, personal and business fields. If Sean is not busy with a local company or event you may find him enjoying a round of golf, BBQing with family, or out for a swim at H2O.

Sean’s favourite sound: the sounds of nature!

ELLIE FEDEC - Ossicle Intern, 3rd Year BA (Psych.)

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Ellie is new to Kelowna and is very happy to be a part of Ossicle. She is originally from Regina, Sask. but moved to Kelowna for university. She is currently attending UBC Okanagan and is studying psychology. She hopes to pursue a Masters in Audiology after completing her undergraduate degree.

Ossicle Hearing has been able to help Ellie foster her knowledge in audiology and teach her more about the field. She is gaining great experience at Ossicle Hearing that will help her reach her goal of becoming an audiologist. When Ellie is not busy with school, she enjoys going on hikes and bike rides with friends and family. She also loves listening to music at the beach.

Ellie’s favourite sound: the rain!

JOLENE MACKIE - Local Kelowna Artist

Jolene Photo

Rachel loves art, and all things beautiful. In celebrating the beauty of sound at the clinic, Rachel also celebrates the beauty in art and our community. Ossicle Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Centre is proud to showcase the Art of local artist Jolene Mackie. Jolene Mackie is an artist living and working in Kelowna BC. Her current series of work bridges her fascination with the beauty in the world around us, and the magic of the human imagination. By exploring these themes Jolene takes the opportunity to reflect on the brevity of human existence, and find joy and whimsy in the imagination. It is easy to be humbled by the human experience – while art and culture is something that can ground us in the present moment, and allow us to truly appreciate our world. When you’re in the office, enjoy the Art, and if you wish to purchase it for your own home and enjoyment, let us know so we can connect you with Jolene.


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