Kelowna Hearing, Ossicle’s destination hearing and tinnitus treatment centre in Kelowna promotes some key organizations who celebrate sound with us and invest in our community. New initiatives and partners will be posted, so stay tuned!

Palliative Care

We understand the challenges of end-of-life changes. If you or a loved one are going through hospice care or any kind of palliative care, we will provide free testing and hearing aids to loan so that all sound, communication, music and more can be celebrated. 

Hear4U Program

This program increases access to hearing health care in British Columbia. Hear4U intends to eliminate or reduce the impact of hearing impairment in under-served populations around the world with a mandate to:

1. Provide education, skills and resources to empower those who are deaf or hard of hearing

2. Facilitate the provision of health services to those who are deaf and hard of hearing.

3. Support and develop sustainable initiatives that empower deaf and hard of hearing in underserved communities in Canada and abroad.

Learn more about the program and our involvement at

Sing for your Life

Improving the health and wellbeing of older people through music

We support the health and wellbeing of older people using participatory musical activities, particularly singing.

We coordinate Silver Song Clubs in the community to provide regular sessions of singing and music-making – primarily for seniors who are aging in place/at home.

Wellness Benefits

Linked benefits for participants, substantiated in part through ongoing research, include:

• Improved overall rating of physical health

• Fewer doctor visits

• Fewer unscheduled hospital visits

• Less medication use

• Fewer instances of falls

• Increased morale

• Less loneliness

• Improved respiratory function and improved circulation

Our work is embedded in research undertaken by the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health based within Canterbury Christ Church University (UK).

Our non profit Foundation was established in Canada in 2009 as one of the first international chapters of the UK originating charity that began in 2005.

Our Silver Song Clubs are held regularly within the community to bring participatory singing and music-making to individuals aged 65+.

Participants are usually aging in place/at home and may attend with a family member or caregiver, if they choose. The 90-minute sessions are research driven and professionally delivered by trained facilitators.

Sessions are fun and engaging and provided free-of-charge for participants.

Based in Kelowna BC and bringing participatory singing and music making to seniors throughout the province; expansion across Canada is entirely possible.

Sing For Your Life Foundation, BC is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors including health care practitioners, business and non profit professionals.

How you can get involved

• Volunteer at a Silver Song Club or join our Board of Directors

• Partner with us to bring a Silver Song Club to seniors in your community

• Become a trained Silver Song Club Facilitator

• Bring a family member to a Silver Song Club

• Donate

• Purchase or lease a Silver Song Music Box for a residential care facility or community-based seniors centre

Learn more about the research

Learn more by watching our video

Visit our website

Give the Gift of Hearing

Kelowna Hearing is committed to the community. You can sponsor a child to obtain hearing aids directly through us or through recognized charities in Kelowna. Many parents cannot afford to purchase up to date hearing aid technology for their kids and ultimately the child is more challenged educationally, socially and developmentally. In our land of plenty we consider this a travesty. To learn more about how you, your business or special interest group can sponsor a child's hearing in the short or long-term, please contact us with the form here and we will connect you with a child and family that can partner with Ossicle and you to make heairng possible.

Join us for Jeans Day on Fridays - we personally donate to this cause and you can buy a Leo Stuffie or the Leo Book to help the cause as well. Ask us more when you come in!

I'd like to learn more about giving the gift of hearing:

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