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We are passionate about our patients’ hearing health, about the cool stuff that can make such a difference and about the latest developments in the industry. Dr. Markus Hilbert, AuD’s e-book about industry trends, consumer issues, patient advocacy and the options for providers and product is a great starting point for an inside perspective on the industry that can seem overwhelming to most people first starting out on their journey to better hearing. We believe it is a must read for every patient considering hearing care!

We believe there is a lot of noise out there about hearing, hearing change and loss, treatments and hearing aids as well as who provides the help and where? There’s a lot to learn before you get started on resolving a hearing condition so we made it easy for you and you can download our free e-book and subscribe to our newsletters.

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Update: A new version of the e-Book is under construction and you will receive it as soon as we have a copy expected in May 2018. Stay tuned!

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