What is a hearing test?


Most traditional clinics provide a free hearing test. Did you know that they will test about 20% of your hearing function and recommend a hearing aid for it, priced higher to off-set the losses for all the hearing tests they do for free for people who don’t buy a hearing aid? 

We don’t do that. We test 100% of your hearing ability in a longer test that comes in 5 versions customized to your hearing health needs. We then have treatments and technologies that are not over priced and are guaranteed to solve your specific needs. 

Radio Interview 2

We were hosted again on Marjorie Horne’s “Engaging in Aging” radio show on 1150 AM

Check it out!

Radio Interview


Dr. Hilbert, Au.D. was interviewed by Marjorie Horne on her new AM 1150 Radio Show “Engaging in Aging” on AM 1150 at 9 AM Sundays. This interview was about hearing health and options for those seeking better hearing care than the standard approach of overcharging and underserving. Have a listen!

Picked up by Daily Courier

The Daily Courier in Kelowna picked up a Press Release and posted it on this article. Ossicle partnered with PointsWest AV and we’re on their blog here as well. Have a look!

Disrupting the Status Quo

We are so excited about our new clinic. We intend to disrupt how hearing care is being done, what patients get, what they pay, how they pay, what transparency means and what customer service can look like. We want your feedback and will share our thoughts here on this blog as we develop what we think is a destination that will cater to what people really want hearing care to be.

Rachel Mraz

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